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How To: Hold a Handgun For Maximum Accuracy

May 30, 2022 by
How To: Hold a Handgun For Maximum Accuracy
Caliber Armory
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If you're someone who has just recently purchased a handgun or you're trying to increase your shooting accuracy, keep reading for some helpful tips.

When it comes to shooting accurately, the way your body is poised and your grip over the handgun are important factors. Today, let’s talk about how you should be holding your handgun for maximum accuracy.

The correct stance and the right way to grip your weapon increase your safety, help to direct the recoil back towards your arm and hand, and overall help you land a perfect shot on your target.

Hand Positioning

Firstly, you must place your palm high on the grip of the handgun with the thumb flush against the lateral (side) surface of your weapon. This will ensure your grip on the handgun is strong and steady. It will also direct recoil back to the hand and arm. Recoil is the backward motion of the handgun immediately after it has released the bullet.

When you correctly place your hands on the handgun, you'll have a stronger grip, and your arms will properly absorb the recoil movement. This allows your body to remain steady and improves your accuracy.

Sight Alignment

Sight alignment is another factor in maximizing shooting accuracy. This is the process by which you ensure that the front and rear sights are in a straight line. The correct alignment of your sights is vital for you to hit your target with precision.

Firing Technique

The trigger of the handgun is something that releases pressure when activated. You should always use the first joint of your index finger to handle such pressure. In addition, the remaining fingers of both your hands must support the index fingers. Doing this will keep your handgun steady even as the trigger is being pulled.

How To: Hold a Handgun For Maximum Accuracy
Caliber Armory May 30, 2022
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