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I have had some luck and good experiences with several retailers here, but I have to say Caliber Armory is among the best. Great prices on ammo, so ordered some bricks of the Norma 22lr. Site was easy to navigate, setup an account, and place an order. Order was processed and sent the same day and it arrived the very next day! I know I am only a state away, but was not expecting it so soon. The ammo was carefully packed as well. I am actually very patient and understanding for shipping delays during times like these as companies are struggling, but to see service like this is awesome. I look forward to ordering with these folks again and I highly recommend! When it comes to your business, this company is in it to win it.

Don Review
Wonderful company to work with

Wonderful company to work with I just received my package of ammo and along with my ammo I got the usual sticker with the logo of the company but to my surprise I got a little extra something that blew my mind they sent me a little booklet of the Constitution Of the United States and I thought was just wonderful and outstanding this is a family owned and operated business that’s going the extra mile so I recommend supporting this company

Derrick Grimes
Google Review
Adding to my favorites

BBB accredited since January 2021, don't let the recent age concern you. Compared to 5 other vendors, Caliber Armory won on total price of 7.62x54r after shipping. Regarding shipping their claim "order before 2pm est business day, ships same day". There's the talk and the walked the walked. Had my shipping number shortly after 2pm est. Next day UPS had it, so 100%. Packaging was quality, well done, all boxes arrived in outstanding condition. The boxes looked factory perfect, it nearly broke my salivating heart to open the first box. My fortune teller told me I will have, "let me see what Caliber has it for" thoughts before buying ammo else where. Pretty sure that 8 ball was spot on.

Eric Review
Awesome customer service

Awesome customer service. Low prices. They seem to have a smaller presence online but I see big things in their future. Almost instant response to email and chat. Im already eyeing something else the have in stock. My first firearm purchased shipped as soon as my ffl provided paperwork.

Michael Gonzales
Google Review
Highly recommended!

Prices of ammo are ridiculous in the nanny state I live in. Riley and Ryan from Caliber Armory have been a blessing! Ordered some ammo in late June and it arrived 2 days later. Ordered some ammo on the July 4th sale and I placed multiple orders by accident. I called Riley and she sorted it out quick. They will have my business for years to come! Highly reccomended!

Frank Lemons
Google Review
Very Fast & Great CS

Shipment tracking/label was made same day and arrived two days after order placement. Called up Caliber to confirm they had enough boxes to fulfill a case and the guy literally went back into the warehouse to put hands on them for me. I wanted to confirm this because when I called to order from another vendor that was local they only had one box whereas the site said they had plenty to fulfill a case order. They do however still charge tax for out of state purchases which added to the overall cost per rd. Including this they were still less expensive than other options though and I’d say ball park in the lower 1/3 on pricing. Shipping was a fair price and not crazy high like some especially considering how fast they get the order out.

James Review