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We offer FFL firearm transfers for those who are purchasing firearms from an online or private party sale. Learn more


Transfer services are available for NFA classified firearms, such as short-barreled rifles and silencers. Learn more


Buy now and pay later. We offer 60 days layaway with 20% down and no fees on firearm purchases.

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Firearm transfers, also known as 'FFL transfer' is the background check process you must go through when purchasing a firearm or other serialized items regulated by the ATF, such as lower receivers.

If you purchase a firearm through Caliber Armory, then the transfer fee is waived. If the firearm was purchased elsewhere, then the transfer fee is $20.00.

The process normally takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. In some circumstances, your background check might be delayed, which can cause the process to take longer.

To successfully complete a firearm transfer, the following is required:

  • A non-expired government-issued document or ID with your photo.
  • A non-expired government-issued document or ID with your current residence. 

The above requirements can be satisfied with one or more documents. Typically, your state issued drivers license is enough to satisfy the requirements. Additional restrictions may apply, depending on your specific situation. If you're not sure if you have all of the necessary documentation, please contact us ahead of time.

If you have a valid Ohio concealed carry permit issued on or after March 23, 2015, then you may use the permit to bypass the background check. Please note that you still must fill out the background check form, and you still must have the required documentation. The only difference is that the background check form does not need to be submitted for processing. The permit must be presented at the time of the FFL transfer in order to qualify.

We do not require any approval ahead of time if you are having a firearm shipped here for FFL transfer. When the firearm arrives, we will first process it in our system, then contact you to schedule the background check. Please allow up to 1 business day for the firearm to be processed after arrival at our store. If our license is required by another dealer, please email to obtain a copy.


Our NFA transfer fee is $80.00.

An NFA transfer is the process of lawfully transferring an NFA classified firearm from an FFL/SOT license holder to the transferee, which requires:

  • An appropriate transfer form with the ATF
  • Payment of any transfer tax imposed
  • Approval of the form by ATF
  • Registration of the firearm to the transferee in the NFRTR

Common items classified as NFA include:

  • Silencers
  • Short-barreled rifles and shotguns
  • Machine Guns
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Expolosive Ordnance
  • Disguised/Improvised firearms


Layaway allows you to purchase a firearm now and pay for it over time. We hold onto the firearm until it is paid in full, then we either transfer it directly to the purchaser or ship it to an FFL dealer in your location.

A 20% deposit will give you 60 days to pay for the purchase in full. We do not change any fees for layaway. All sales are final - no returns or exchanges. Layaway period begins on purchase date and ends after 60 calendar days. If the balance is not received in full by the end of the layaway term, then you forfeit the deposit amount. If you are denied a 4473 (background check), then you forfeit the deposit amount and must arrange and pay for shipping back (if applicable). Payments of $5.00 or more can be made at any time during the layaway period. Item will be processed and shipped when balance is paid in full.

Please contact us if you are interested in layaway.


A special order is when we order a product that is not readily available in our inventory for a customer.

Special orders typically arrive within 2-7 business days.

Please get in touch with a Caliber Armory representative. Once you tell us the item you're looking for, we'll check on its availability, and provide a quote. If you want to proceed, then we will place the order with our supplier and notify you when it's ready for pickup.