Underwood .500 S&W Magnum Ammunition 700gr Wide Flat Nose Cherry Coated Hard Cast Hunting - #741 (20 Rounds)



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Underwood .500 S&W Magnum Ammunition 700gr Wide Flat Nose Cherry Coated Hard Cast Hunting - #741 (20 Rounds)

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    Underwood Ammo’s hard cast featuring a new “Black Cherry” coating. Equipped with new enhancements from our previous Hi-Tek coating. Our “Black Cherry” coating is a  polymer-based compound; its thermal stability allows it to handle more than any other coating today. The coating will protect against gas cutting with a high degree of wear and abrasion resistance. The “Black Cherry” coating prevents lead to bore contact, thus virtually eliminating lead fouling. All 10mm firearms can safely function with this upgraded projectile. To include polygonal rifling (Glock).

    Coatings special features:

    • No plastic burning smell
    • Thermally stable
    • Resistant to weathering and chemical degradation
    • Strong mechanical and tensile strength properties
    • Self-lubricating
    • Able to withstand high pressure conditions
    • Able to withstand high heat conditions
    • High degree of wear and abrasion resistance
    • Reduced friction resistance
    • Good flame retarding properties
    • Coating prevents lead to bore contact thus virtually eliminating lead fouling
    • Shoot higher velocities without lead fouling

    Hard cast flat nose bullets are non-expanding, powerfully penetrative bullets that are designed with your woods defense needs in mind; whether fending off wild hogs or black bears, the hard cast flat nose bullets are consistently effective in taking down any wild animals that you may encounter. In contrast to the round nose non-expanding bullets, the flat nose bullets are able to pierce through dense bodies of mass while maintaining their nose forward position, which is optimal for maximum penetration.

    Nickel-plated casings, our nickel plating process provides several key benefits, not limited to but including; improved feeding in all actions of firearms enhanced corrosion resistance over traditional brass, improved cosmetics, and ease of cleanup during reloading. Nickel-plated casings will not tarnish like brass during storage or when in contact with foreign materials such as leather, moisture, and other metals.

    As with all of Underwood Ammo™ rounds, we utilize flash suppressed powder so that your vision will not be compromised if it becomes necessary to use your firearm in low light.

    • This ammo is for cartridge size .500 S&W Magnum.
    • The bullet is made from Lead.
    • The diameter (caliber) of this bullet is 0.5.
    • This bullet weighs 700 grains.
    • This bullet leaves the barrel at 1200 feet per second.
    • The ammo case is made from Nickel Plated Brass.
    • This ammo is a proven round for hunting.
    • The bullet in this product does contain lead.
    • This round is designed to be supersonic and travels faster than the speed of sound.
    • The muzzle energy of this ammo is 2239 ft lbs.
    • This product has been designed to be an effective choice for the ultimate in self-defense applications.
    • The bullet in this product has a Sectional Density, (SD) of 0.4. SD is the ratio of an object's mass to its cross sectional area with respect to a given axis. It conveys how well an object's mass is distributed (by its shape) to overcome resistance along that axis.
    • This ammo IS SAFE to use in a suppressor.
    • The bullet in this ammo has a ballistic coefficient (G1) of - Generally, the higher the coefficient, the more stable the projectile will be in flight.
    • Each box of ammo contains 20 loaded pieces of ammunition.
    • This ammo is manufactured by Underwood Ammo

    The 700 gr 500 S&W we produce is unique in the sense that it has an exceptional amount of recoil. For those brave enough to fire them in a barrel 4"" or shorter, we recommend only putting one or two in the cylinder at a time. The excessive recoil impulse in these smaller firearms can loosen even the strongest of crimps in cartridges waiting their turn in the cylinder, potentially causing the projectile to ""creep"" out of the case.Yes you may shoot these in a snub nose 500 S&W, but if you're loading a cylinder full you might find yourself fighting physics. If you have any doubts, concerns, or questions please feel free to shoot us an e-mail or give us a call.

    While taking advantage of our state of the art testing equipment, this high-performance ammunition is field tested using popular, real firearms that our customers are most likely to own out in the real world with all the elements you would experience.

    This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

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